Terms and Conditions of Warranty Repair Agreement

(Effective May 2003)

  1. By signing the job card you agree to the following terms and conditions.
  2. Under this Agreement, liability in respect of faulty workmanship or defective parts is limited to direct rectification and the replacement or repair (at Sovereign Automotive (WA) Pty Ltd’s discretion) of defective parts free of charge. Sovereign Automotive (WA) Pty Ltd will not be liable in any way for losses or claims arising directly or indirectly from the performance of its obligations under this Agreement.
  3. An original repair invoice must be presented when seeking service under this warranty.
  4. All parts claimed by the Owner to be defective must be returned at the Owner’s expense in order to establish the alleged defect before any replacement or repair must be undertaken.
    1. All NEW parts are guaranteed for 12 months / 15,000 kilometres, whichever comes first, and begins immediately following the performance of the service/repair operation, to the extent that we will replace faulty materials or render new services (as the case may be) but not exceeding the amount originally charged.
    2. All USED parts (Mechanical) FITTED AS PER CUSTOMER REQUEST carry a 1 month warranty, on parts only.
    3. All USED parts (Electrical) FITTED AS PER CUSTOMER REQUEST have NO warranty whatsoever.
    4. All parts supplied by customer carry no warranty whatsoever on both parts and labour.
  1. All warranty work must be completed by Sovereign Automotive (WA) Pty Ltd. Sovereign Automotive (WA) Pty Ltd will not accept warranty work carried out elsewhere without our prior authorisation.
  2. Warranty repair costs shall in no case exceed the costs of the original repair or service.
  3. The warranty shall not apply to any parts and workmanship that have been subjected to misuse, neglect, lack of maintenance/servicing, road hazard, accident or altered by anyone other than the operator. Declining a repair or service that will effect another recently replaced part or service will void warranty for the prior replacement component.
  4. Warranty is non transferrable and is extended only to the owner of the vehicle at the time the repair/service was carried out. Proof of maintenance by a licensed repairer may be requested at any time to maintain this warranty guarantee.
  5. Warranty does not in any way include incidental or consequential damages. Warranty does not cover any modifications unless approved by the manufacturer.
  6. Sovereign Automotive (WA) Pty Ltd may test drive or carry out tests of the motor vehicle at Sovereigns discretion and may, if requested by the Owner, collect or re-deliver it where nominated by the Owner and Sovereign Automotive (WA) Pty Ltd will not be liable to the Owner any damage which occurs to or is caused by the motor vehicle during such driving or testing, unless it arises from the negligence of Sovereign Automotive (WA) Pty Ltd.
  7. Any amount payable by the Owner not paid by the due date will incur interest charges on the amount owing and a charge of $20.00 per day (for storage of uncollected vehicles).