Car Care Tips

Regular Servicing:

One of the most important things, you can do as a vehicle owner to ensure the longevity of your vehicle, as well as its resale value is to keep your vehicle serviced as per the manufacturers recommended service schedule. It is of the utmost importance to follow the automaker’s service schedule, because it has been designed to keep the vehicle running in tip top condition.

If you service your car regularly your mechanic can notify you of any major repairs looming on the horizon, which also means things can be nipped in the bud before they become major repairs. Often if something is caught in the early stages, preventive measures can be taken to ensure things don’t get any worse or at the least, make sure it won’t affect the safety and performance of your vehicle. Having your car serviced regularly also means you won’t have to do everything in one hit, you can have it spaced out over a few service periods.

Regular Maintenance:

Regular vehicle maintenance keeps your vehicle safe on the road. Chances are if you wait for something to go wrong – when it does, it usually does serious damage that could have often been prevented and is often an expensive exercise. You should regularly check your tyre pressures, oil, coolant and brake fluid levels as well as keeping an eye out for an visual signs of wear and tear.

Pit Stop:

We also offer a pit stop service to members. This service enables us to check your fluid levels, tyre pressures and general vehicle safety. Bookings are essential.

Call us on 08 9317 4492 or 08 9317 2292 for a quote on your next service or repair work!

Fleet Servicing:

We are able to service large and small fleets, for all passenger and light commercial vehicles. Call us to customise a solution for your fleet needs.

Pre-Purchase Inspection:

Get expert advice with a full detailed report of the vehicle you are looking to purchase. This is especially important if the vehicle you are looking to purchase is MINI, BMW or Land Rover. Not all repairers are familiar with these three makes, therefore it makes sense to get advice from the experts. Be forewarned, have peace of mind, gain negotiating power and avoid costly mistakes by getting a pre-purchase inspection.

Scheduled Maintenance:

Brake System:


Suspension System:

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